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Research shows that pupils who attend our school regularly and on time are likely to be more successful. With this in mind we strive to support and help children and their families in achieving good attendance.  If you would like any support or guidance with your child’s attendance, please contact school so that we can assist you further.


If your child is unwell

Please report all absences to the School Attendance Office Miss Mossman ( 0151 477 8490). Please refer to our Attendance Policy for full details of our Attendance procedures


Rewards for your child

We have many rewards in school to promote  good attendance:-


Bronze, Silver and Gold Award Scheme


Bronze Award (for 100% Attendance for one term)                                

Silver Award (for 100% Attendance for two terms)

Gold Award (for 100% Attendance for the whole year)


Attendance Raffle

Pupils with attendance of 100% at the end of each individual week are entered into a raffle for a small prize.

Pupils with attendance of 97% and above are entered into one of the following raffles:-

1. Pupils with 97% attendance and above in a single term will be entered into a raffle for a £10 voucher.
2. Pupils with 97% attendance and above in 2 consecutive terms will be entered into a raffle for a £20 voucher.
3. Pupils with 97% attendance and above for the full academic year will be entered into a raffle for a £50 voucher
4. Pupils with 100% attendance for the full academic year will be entered into a raffle for a £100 voucher.

The pupil whose attendance improves the most across the year will also receive a voucher of £100.


Class Prizes

In each year group, the class with the highest weekly attendance is rewarded by their year group head.

The class with the highest attendance at the end of the academic year is rewarded with a ‘Fun Day’

Where every class in school achieves 97% and above in a particular week, the entire school receives a reward (eg a movie)


Attendance Marathon

Periodically we hold Attendance Marathons. These are two week snapshots where pupils are encouraged to achieve 100% attendance. A range of prizes are made available for the top achieving classes.


Punctuality is an important part of your child’s routine; it is crucial for you and your child to understand that arriving late to school impacts learning for your child and their peers.  Establishing a good routine will prepare your child for secondary education.  We can offer you support and guidance if you are experiencing difficulties please contact school and we will be happy to offer our support.


Contact Details

For further information in relation to attendance and punctuality, please contact our School Attendance Officer 0151 477 8490.


Education Penalty Notice Code of Conduct

This code of conduct covers the issuing of Penalty Notices in respect of unauthorised absence 


Care at the Chemist.

Care at the Chemist is a scheme that allows you to obtain medicines and advice for certain illnesses from your local pharmacy without having to go to your doctors first. If you do not pay for your prescriptions you will not have to pay for any medicines supplied through the scheme.

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