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Pupil voice

Here are some of the most-popular answers given in our most recent pupil voice survey:
What fun things which we do in terms of reading in school?

 Reading online via Bug Club
 World Book Day
 Taking part in National Storytelling week
 Book Fair
 Accelerated Reader
 Guided reading
 Reading books in our English lessons
 Story time at the end of the day

What is your favourite book which you have read in school this year and why?
 ‘Exceptional Men in Black History’ because I like non-fiction and I liked hearing about people’s

 ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ because it was magical.
 ‘Mr Stink’ because David Walliams books are so funny.
 ‘The Witches’. I liked the way they all turned into mice.
 ‘Leaf’ because I like Polar Bears.
 ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ because I like adventure books.

What did you like about National Story Telling week?
 Hearing stories that I’d never heard before.
 Listening to Mrs Wilkinson read some stories.
 Reading a story myself for the school to hear.

What was your favourite part of World Book Day?
 Creating an evil character like Roald Dahl’s.
 Wearing pyjamas to school.
 The zoom quiz that my class did.
 The maths challenge.
 Telling people about my favourite story.

What is your favourite genre of book to read?
 Non-fiction
 Adventure
 Detective
 Comics.
 Fantasy

Who is your favourite author?
 David Walliams
 Roald Dahl
 J. K Rowling
 Linda Chapman
 Rachel Renee Rustle

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