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Loving, Learning,
Growing Together With Jesus

Parents Code of Conduct

St Margaret Mary's Junior School

By working in partnership with my child and the school community we create a place where we love, learn and grow together with Jesus.

1. We help prepare our children for each school day.

2. We make sure our children attend everyday and on time unless there is an appropriate reason for absence or lateness.

3. We do our best to make sure that any medical appointments are made outside of school hours.

4. We make sure that our children are dressed in the appropriate school uniform including PE kit.

5. We work together with our children and school to create a fair and safe school.

6. We help our children understand the rules of the school.

7. We are supportive of the school activities.

8. We are respectful of all staff, fellow parents and all children at the school.

9. We talk to school staff about any concerns that may impact upon our child’s learning or well being.

10. We will support our children to study and complete any work that is sent home from school.

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