Children's code of conduct

St Margaret Mary's Junior School


Together we make our school a place where we love, learn and grow together with Jesus.


1. We listen to people. We don’t interrupt.

         2. We are gentle. We don’t hurt others with our words or actions.

         3. We tell the truth. We don't tell lies.


4. We always try our best. We don’t waste our learning time.


5. We walk when we move around school. We don't run.


6. We respect our school environment. We don't damage it.


7. We look after each other. We don’t hurt people’s feelings.


8. We have good manners. We don’t disrespect others.


9. We wear the correct  uniform. We don't make changes to it.



10. We attend school regularly, arriving on time. We don’t have poor attendance or time keeping.



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